‘We’re Skipping Christmas This Year’ – Christmas With The Kranks, A Review

In this film we follow the Kranks, Luther and Nora, in their efforts to skip Christmas and save up for a cruise instead. Unfortunately, their loving nightmare neighbours don’t let this happen.

I enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed the chaos, the secrecy and the communal Christmas Spirit. Especially when the daughter of the Kranks, Blair, unsuspectedly came home for Christmas.

I also loved the slapstick comedy, from falling off the roof with a giant 6 foot snowman, to chasing a canned ham down a car park hill. Comedy in it simplest form. As well as that, I thought the binary opposites of the priest seeing the Kranks in their revealing bathing suits was rather funny, which is lowkey ironic, well, because…

What I don’t understand though, is why everybody cared so much that two people didn’t want to celebrate Christmas. Not like it’s a big deal or anything. They were literally being peer pressured into buying a tree, donating to charity’s, buying presents. Can people not respect a Man and Woman’s choice to not celebrate the holiday? At least it was a happy ending, that’s all that really counts.

All in all this film is wonderful, another recommendation from me!

An aspiring director / producer / screenwriter