‘Save the best till last’. Elf is my absolute most favourite Christmas film, so I was holding off until the 24th to write about it. I only ever watch this film on Christmas Eve, and it’s what I look forward to for the whole year. You can’t got wrong with a bit of Buddy The Elf.

I don’t want this review to turn out like a synopsis, but I’m afraid thats what might happen, as I could go on about it forever. …

From the very start of this movie, it’s not hard to tell that Steve Finch adores the Christmas season. However, little does he know that everything is about to change.

It’s obvious that disaster will strike when Kelly says, ‘how bad could it be?’ as the new neighbours (Danny DeVito and his clan) are moving in. This initial foreshadowing prepares us for the chaos that lies ahead.

My favourite thing about this film is the bond the two mothers and children form from the get go, leaving the two husbands to be mortal Christmas enemies, both battling for the best…

Before I watched this film, I thought it was going to be a spin off of ‘Christmas With The Kranks’, due to the similarity of their names. However I was soon to find it was very different indeed.

Probably the main thing which made me love this film, was the multiple stories being told at once. Very similar to the style of the hit film ‘Love Actually’, we see all the different narratives that eventually tie into one when the whole family is reunited for Christmas. …

In this film we follow the Kranks, Luther and Nora, in their efforts to skip Christmas and save up for a cruise instead. Unfortunately, their loving nightmare neighbours don’t let this happen.

I enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed the chaos, the secrecy and the communal Christmas Spirit. Especially when the daughter of the Kranks, Blair, unsuspectedly came home for Christmas.

I also loved the slapstick comedy, from falling off the roof with a giant 6 foot snowman, to chasing a canned ham down a car park hill. Comedy in it simplest form. …

Christmas Chronicles was a hit when it came out a couple years ago, so much so a number 2 has been produced. Another light hearted, easy to watch, bearable film that the kids absolutely love (I’ve just been roped into watching it).

In my opinion, it wasn’t as good as the first, but that’s a common trend with sequels. Never the less, I still enjoyed the plot. The acting was okay but definitely cringe worthy, that’s the price you have to pay for armature child actors. …

As the majority of us know, the grinch was recreated in 2018 and I absolutely despised it! It was awful. So it came as a relief to me when I could finally watch this version again, as it is a million times better in every single way!

There was no better man for the job than Jim Carrey. If it were any other actor I dare say the film wouldn’t be good, but Carry suits and plays the role phenomenally! His portrayal of The Grinch is tremendous and it is truly iconic. I find myself quoting his lines regularly.


The Christmas special of Bad Moms is a comedic adventure, full of mayhem and chaos. The perfect Christmas doesn’t exist… so they say.

We watch Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell ‘take back Christmas’ as their mother’s come to visit and almost ruin the season. They twerk on Santa, steal a shoe shops Christmas Tree and cause havoc in a shopping mall. Totally not whilst sober.

Along side Kunis having her mum on her case, she trashes her own home after raging about a party her mother threw, leaving her distraught that she’s ruined Christmas. But we all know…

A classic! Another film where you can enjoy the whole year round, yet I still class it as a festive experience.

I absolutely love Gizmo, he’s so cute in every way possible. I want him for myself, but I know I’d end up breaking all the rules within the first day, so it’s best I stay away. Yeah and they also don’t exist. I do feel sorry for the dog though, he just got replaced by a monkey-like, toddler-like, furby esc being. Don’t even get me started on the ‘Bye Billy’ at the end, it brings tears to my eyes.

Some people would class this as a Halloween film, but it’s always been a Christmas film in my eyes. Yes, they live in Halloween Town, yes it’s all about a spooks fest, but Christmas is in the title, so a Christmas film it will be.

Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, takes a fascination towards Christmas, and hopes to take Father Christmas’ role in delivering the presents. By reading that you can tell the unpracticality of it, and you know in your heart that a skeleton could never host Christmas. None the less, he still tries.

Tim Burtons style shines through, as the dark atmospherics set the mood throughout. I was always scared of this film when I was younger, the eeriness of it always made me uneasy. However now I can appreciate the movie and it’s dingy traits.

A modern classic, the Polar Express is by far the oddest Christmas film we’ve had this century. What makes it bizarre is not it’s story line, but it’s awful and creepy animations. It still scares me.

This movie is so creative in many ways! The plot was so thought out with tonnes of unsuspected twists, like the ghost for example. Also the little musical number at the beginning of the train journey (I think that song will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life).

If there’s one thing I don’t like about the film, is the…

Rose Westerman

An aspiring director / producer / screenwriter

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